Why we hate people?

Have you ever heard the saying that “No bond is stronger than the two people hating the same person”? If you are a positive person and humble by nature then the idea of hating someone is alien to you. When you are struggling or have mid-life crises and problems at the workplace, it is easy to filter out all worries while blaming others. Most people sit with a company that supports and promotes hate against others that gives them pleasure.

Most of the time we hate others because we live in a circle where it is appreciated. If you crack a hate joke on someone other people on the table will laugh and this helps you to hate more. There are often few friends who hate one of their friends and when they sit along they spew hatred against that one individual they hate.

It is quite easier to make others down. Most often when a new person comes to the friendship circle and is valued by some people in the group, but the people with hating mindset will not accept it and spew hatred against that new friend to strengthen the existing friendship bond. Many people are insecure. When the person notices that the other person is far better than him or possesses the traits that he doesn’t have will eventually the hatred will surface.

The mutual dislike evokes a stronger response than mutual like. Research shows that if you want your bond with people to last longer then always share unfiltered opinions about the other person. If you are being negative toward other people because they hurt your feelings or the things you love. This is a moment of vulnerability because you are sharing your side of the story and experience which might result in hate to another person on your behalf.

Never use the tactic of spewing hatred against others to win your friends. You will be alone once you are exposed to doing this. Hate is just temporary satisfaction. Spread the love and peace. Death is not eternal, leave a good message of positivity before leaving the world.


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Indeed hate is not even good for our health as well.

Hate in our minds must be thrown out. We should live in peace.


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It is scientifically proved that we filter out hate while blaming others


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Yes research show that it is unhealthy.

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Seriously I don’t hate anybody in this world. All are humans and no one should be hated.