Woman sexually assaulted at Minar-e-Pakistan. Her recent interview made every Pakistani bow his head in shame

Image courtesy: DailyPakistan

After a progression of nerve-racking instances of viciousness against women, another one has arisen and has gone viral. Watch the video at your risk as it isn’t for the faint-hearted. The horrible case occurred in the sunshine at quite possibly the most mainstream spots in Lahore on “Independence day”.

Minar-e-Pakistan. The landmark standing tall to recognize Pakistan saw the most noticeably terrible of situations as a lady was gone after. A youthful tiktoker Ayesha found in the video attempting to save herself and is attempting to get out of a fetal position.

There is by all accounts, a man going with her who is attempting to get her and remove her. Nonetheless, what is most damaging and essentially startling to watch is the crowd. Many men, acting more regrettable than creatures, are battling to get to her. They are grabbing her and dealing with her like a free dinner.

Viral video circulating on social media for a couple of days

Lahore police have promptly enrolled a case against many unidentified people. They have been charged for attacking a female TikToker and her sidekicks.

She as of late shared her interview with Daily Pakistan. She said she wasn’t wearing a vulgar dress why tormented this way?

Tiktoker Ayesha’s recent interview with Daily Pakistan

We can’t envision what she was more likely than not overcome at the time. The confusion, the fear, the aggravation all more likely than not scarred the lady to excess. It is horrifying to see the rate at which we relapse as the general public. This situation made us question ourselves, would we say we are safe and secure in this Naya Pakistan? Every society is judged by its treatment of women and the security they have. This isn’t good for the Pakistani image. Ethos and municipal sense are the establishing squares of nationhood. Beasts like these have defamed all men. Aren’t they have mothers, sisters, or daughters in their homes?


It’s good to see she stepped ahead. And social media helped her in raising her voice. Many have been arrested through the video, claimed by police.

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Her interview is heart-wrenching :sneezing_face::grimacing::sleepy:. Allah har maa beti ko mehfooz rakhe.