Woman sold to Pakistani man, reunited with Indian family 40 years later


Karachi, Sindh; Munni (birth name), an Indian woman sold by human traffickers at the New Delhi underground sex trade during her childhood, has had a bittersweet reunion with her original family from Muradabad, India, after 40 years’ passage. She was bought by a Pakistani man and brought to Karachi using counterfeit travelling documents.

In Karachi, she married a man Mr. Sajjad Haider adopting the new name Bushra Sajjad, he had rescued her from the captivity of her buyer in Pakistan, Bushra has borne Sajjad a total of 4 children, all grown-up now. Even though she is content with the family she has raised here and happy having them be a part of her life, Bushra has yearned meeting her Indian family ever since a relative duped her into merciless world of human trafficking.


The flame that burnt for meeting her parents and siblings one last time before death, didn’t dim down in 40 protracted years - A motivation that forced her to use social media after coming across innumerable reunion stories she so direly desired would also transpire in her case.

Unfeigned devotion and dedication towards cause paid off at last, Bushra / Munni’s brother saw her video in which she details out her across-the-border family’s information from her earliest memories of theirs. He promptly established contact with her through popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, a meetup is planned to materialise soon, be in India or Pakistan.

Akram, the brother of lady awaiting her long-dreamed homecoming, says they had given up on seeing Munni again and had assumed her deceased after nearly two years of searching. He has requested visa issuance to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his separated sister.


Reel life becomes real life :grin:

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Imma go to hell for laughing at this😂

Why so. That comment is actually funny. Cackled me up too

Mushtaq_Memon Idk sex trade is a pretty grim subject wont sat it funny

Which is why it’s called ‘dark’ or ‘black’ humor.

My point exactly. Old lady has had an unfortunate life. Human trafficking is harrowing stuff.

Just cause it’s dark does not mean it is not wrong

so many years gone by :frowning: hope she finds solace now. her life has been tragic.

Khuda k haan daer hai prr andhaer nahie :palms_up_together:t2:
Happy for auntie ji :orange_heart:

She shud be compensated in money, how we did not catch the crime or fake visa passport?

Punish her kidnappers!

Every day we stray further from God :cry:

Why so serious?? Loosen up a ntoch, Cinderella.
Joking about dark stuff is a well-known human coping mechanism. Not everyone is being insensitive.