Woman tried to commit suicide at Lahore court seeking justice against husband who 'raped' her daughter

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Lahore: On Tuesday, at district and sessions court, a woman tried to commit suicide, arguing she had no cash and money to seek justice for her daughter, who had been raped by her father.

Police arrested a suspect in Lahore, later his better half moved towards the Nishtar Colony police station, blaming him for sexually assaulting one of their three daughters, who was living with him after their separation.

While reporting to police, the woman said her husband had been sexually assaulting their 15-year-old little daughter for a year. She said she stayed silent because of the dangers heaved by the suspect.

In the most recent terms of events, the women approached the court looking for equity and attempted to self-immorality. But was halted by others present in the court premises. She said she didn’t have the assets to bear the lawful costs of seeking after the case.

She affirmed that her husband had been threatening her that he would assault their other girls after serving a prison term. Sessions court judge Habibullah Amir considered the circumstance and looked for a report from the court’s security in-control Abid Hussain.

In the interim, the suspect likewise submitted a bail application with the court. Taking it up, the court called legal advisors from the two players in the following hearing.

Why? pursuing justice has become so complicated in Pakistan, that the poor can’t have the money for the cost of legal requirements and have to end their lives to get rid of this harsh world.

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Source: Dawn News

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