Women Education and National Development

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The importance of education in uplifting the social structure of any society can never be overestimated. Education is light, it is a gateway to the future. It is the path from abysmal darkness to glorious enlightenment. It is the north star that inculcates hope, resolution and courage to stave off every evil. Above all, it is the source of civic sense that makes the society better, developed and prosperous.

However, many in our country are devoid of this irreplaceable tool. The literacy rate in Pakistan stands only around 58%. As a result, they can neither change their lives nor can they offer any significant contribution to the welfare of the country. Unfortunately, women have been particular victims of such miserable plight.

In today’s epoch of civilized societies, education for women is still a debatable phenomenon in Pakistan. While it is an established fact–beyond a speck of doubt–that women education can build up workforce, heal the social fabric, streamline women by bringing inclusivity, and positively add to the economy, Illiteracy and ignorance have gained so strong a foothold that women education is not even given its due importance.

Therefore, the responsibility lies upon the shoulders of all educated people to make the women education commonplace. It is high time we broke all the manacles of illiteracy and ignorance and set our feet on the path of development by including women into the mainstream. It is time we realized the fact that it is only with women education can we progress, develop and make this country great. As the founder of nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah asserted:

“No nation can rise to the heights of glory unless her women work side by side with men.”


Agreed. A country can posper only when all its people take part in its progress…irrespective of gender.