Women rights in Sindh

In 2019 world health organization published a study stating that “more than 140 million underage a girls are likely to get married between years 2011-2020”. In title “demographic of child marriages in Pakistan stated that in Sindh the percentage of child marriage remained high with 72% girls and 25% boys becoming victims to this menace. The 99% of girl marriages were found in tribal areas. In Pakistan 21% of girls are getting married before the age of 18 years. Sindh has always been cruel towards the women. Plight of women in Sindh is yet unheard and unseen, early and force marriages are very common part of Sindh’s society. The feudalistic approach has affected hundred even thousands of women and little angel’s life.
The forced conversion of Hindu girls and selling own daughter is the business in Sindh. Recently two tribes got into fight and chieftain was a judge of table talks, doing no mercy he put penalty “9million including two daughters” who would never see their parents again. This was a penalty for 1 dead person. In Sindh the parents use to sell their girls for money making excuse that I would pay my daughter a dowry he takes 0.5million of his daughter and gives dowry of 1 lac the rest he put in his pocket because he made the girl able to marry and now he wants profit or reward. Despite selling their girl sometime they also make deal that” first baby of child is ours” it means we will take her and wherever we, want we can marry her that’s our right. Sometime what happens when someone is too poor to afford 0.5 million then there is another deal, both exchanges their daughter and get married to them with their sons.
Then they promise that if you took my daughter to field for cultivation then I too shall take your daughter to the field . beating is basic right for the people of Sindh, even husband has no right to slap her wife but in rural Sindh even brother-in-law can beat the girl. The honor killing of women in interior Sindh is very known, if however girl is found talking to unknown person then they either kill boy or girl, and sometimes they kill both just to satisfy their ego and killing emotions of someone.
The early marriages in Sindh are proliferating day by day and innocent angels are being thrown in the prison of torture. Many innocent little angels are married to the man of 40 years where girls are under 18 years. There is no right of education of for girls in rural Sindh. The trend of “karo kari” in Sindh is normal if a girl is found talking to her lover then both are killed. I request ministry of human right kindly visit Sindh and look up in these matters, this not matter of only daughters but also generations. I belong to rural Sindh and I have heard and seen such incident in a large number and these matters are worth discussing.

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