Women Safety App - Help is now just the tap of a button away

With haunting headlines regarding women in the news everyday, women desperately want to feel safe while going out without a sense of impending doom every minute that they are away. Punjab Safe Cities Authority in collaboration with the Punjab Police launched an app almost a couple of years ago, called the Women Safety App, and it might just be a great initiative for women to seek help in the horrifying instance of harassment or threat thereof. The app is available on Google Play Store and has a number of features aimed at allowing women to feel and remain connected with the respective authorities throughout their time away from home.

Here’s how the app works. Upon installation, a preview video guides you through the definition of harassment and a basic sense of how the app functions. You then log on to the app by providing your phone number, and subsequently a code that they send to the phone number.

Once you’re logged on, the main screen has an emergency button which alerts the police, which can be pressed at the time of immediate threat to seek instant help. Emergency live chat and buttons to contact a number of other authorities at an instant notice are available on the main screen under the emergency help tab. The app makes you sign up and build a profile with your name, CNIC, district, age, address and emergency contact information in order to better aid you.

There’s also a feature called location review, which allows you to get a sense of how safe your current location is based on other people’s reviews, ranked by ‘secure’, ‘partially secure’ and ‘not secure’, allowing you to take measures accordingly. You can also add your own review of the place to add to the location’s profile.

Besides these features, you can also file complaints at various complaint portals depending on the representative authority you are looking for. Awareness documents are also available on the app, which contain resources for you to read about laws regarding harassment.

This app is a good initiative to provide women with a necessary access to security authorities and I would recommend all women to install it on their devices. It’s just 25 megabytes and highly useful. Link to the app on playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.psca.ppic3.womensafety