You Can Be Even Better

There is something we can’t deny about human beings is that he is the noblest of all creations.
Mankind has achieved many wonderful accomplishments since he was born, but still, when it comes to skills, ideas & self-development he can be even better.

Working on yourself is like giving yourself a relief that others can’t understand, it is always possible to build yourself up & become a better version of yourself,
It includes many things such as environment, working on something other than your hobby, forgetting your comfort zone, a healthy lifestyle. You can build yourself up by working on some tips, I’m going to justify.

Pick A New Skill:
Working on a skill or a hobby which you have never tried before is going to be really helpful, that skill can be both recreational or non-recreational. These can help you to use your time in good activity & gain new experience.

Communication skills can be really effective, learning computer-related courses, cooking, sewing, picking a new sport i.e. tennis, badminton, squash (also board games like chess, scrabble, monopoly, etc.) These can teach you how to set your goal & be patient with it.

A good book can be your best friend because it’ll help you to grow your thinking ability, a book can inspire you to overcome your failures & achieve amazing things.
Reading a book daily means you are learning & gaining lessons of life, & feeding your mind with great thought from different persons having different experiences.

New Language:
Learning a new language can improve your public engagement skills & help you to learn about new traditions & ethics. New language is going to be a mind opening & fresh experience for you. Besides just learning a new language you can practice by interacting with new people.

Leveling up skills:
By practicing your current skills tough and firmly you can really level up your skills, as a blogger & writer I keep continuously practicing and leveling up to reach a point of experience.
There’s a quote that “Things don’t get easy, you just become stronger” it shows that keep interacting with harder situations you can become strong in your skill.

Overcome your fears:
Great accomplishments lie on the other side of your fear, stepping out of your comfort zone.
By just staying in your comfort zone you can’t grow, real growth comes with hardships & resistances.
What if Quaid e Azam wouldn’t have stepped out of his comfort zone, there would be no Pakistan
What if Christopher wouldn’t have stepped out of his comfort zone, there would be no America today.
Many examples exists in history that has been possible by just stepping out of the comfort zone.

Health & Exercise:
Great goals comes with good health, choose healthy diet, routine workout, maintain healthy weight, choose more plant based diet and try to loose bad habits like smoking, drinking, company of negative people & avoid distractions.
Also a healthy environment really helps to stay focused while working.

To-do List:
Make a To-do list of your daily tasks to stay focused and committed, list of your small tasks and completing those can add confidence to your personality. Also an idea is to write a letter to yourself, fill it with some goals you wanna achieve in the coming year and seal it and place it somewhere safe. When the time comes open that letter & check how much you have achieved.

Relations play a vital role in your daily life i.e. relations with parents, partner, neighbors, friends. Whether you decide how to treat with them, building a healthy relationship with your parents will help you to find nice habitat, & also you gotta decide to cut off negative people & bad company.
That’s all, thanks for your time. Article by: Majid Anwer