Youngest Lady Who has travelled to every country on the earth

LEXIE, is the youngest lady who has visited every country of the world.
Sounds astounding! Right?
It’s a mere dream for ordinary people like all except Lexie. She actually realised her dream and is now recognised world wide.

She has her personal Facebook account, website, Instagram handle and a YouTube channel, full of mind blowing chunks of her travel diaries.

She ranked Pakistan at the first position while enlisting the countries she was surprised of the most. She appreciated the hospitality and warmth of people and she also mentioned that being a female-traveller, she found herself quite secure and free in Pakistani environment. :tada::tada:

She has made separate videos about different countries and relateable content. Her yiutube channel is mentioned below.

She is one of the true courageous lady who is included in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

Ref: euronews
Sources: google and YouTube


Lucky Girl :grin:

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Extremely lucky! :grinning:
But that would not be easy for her, i m sure.
She would certainly have gone through some downs too.
Hats off to the girl.

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yeah of course… But now she has vast experience

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InShaAllah one day!

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