Zaid Ali and his wife Yumnah have appeared for the first time in Bilal Khan's music video, which is being well recieved

Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber and comedian Zaid Ali have appeared for the first time in a music video with his wife Yumnah, which is being well received.

Comedian and YouTuber Zaid Ali and his wife have recently appeared in a video of a romantic song in which singer and actor Bilal Khan has awakened the magic of his voice.

Singer Bilal Khan’s song ‘Galan Teriyan Mithiyan’ was released on November 1, which is gaining popularity as soon as we see it.

In this song, Bilal Khan has not only evoked the magic of his voice but he has also written the lyrics of this song himself.

The video of the romantic song ‘Galan Teri Methiyan’ consists of 4 minutes and 36 seconds in which YouTuber Zaid Ali is seen with his wife Yumnah in a henna ceremony.

The song has been viewed by over 524,000 people on YouTube so far.